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Protect Wounds, Stabilize Clots, Aid in Wound Healing

Ousia collagen wound dressings are made from Type I bovine collagen sourced from the Achilles tendon. When used as directed, bioPLUG, bioKOTE, and bioSTRIP may be beneficial in protecting the wound site, controlling minor bleeding, and aiding in wound healing.

Ousia collagen wound dressings are soft resorbable collagen, produced in three formats for various clinical uses.


bioPLUG features:

  1. Extraction site healing
  2. Wound healing
  3. Ø10mm x 20mm


bioKOTE features:

  1. Palatal donor site repair
  2. Mucosal flap repair
  3. 20mm x 40mm x 3mm thick


bioSTRIP features:

  1. Oral wound site protection
  2. Schneiderian membrane repair
  3. 25mm x 75mm x 1mm thick